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Welcome to True Blue Glass, where our commitment lies in delivering exceptional Saskatoon autoglass services that go beyond just repairs and replacements. Our foundation is built upon providing high-quality OEM glass solutions that cater to a myriad of needs, ensuring your vehicle's or home's glass is not only aesthetically pleasing but also performs at its best. Our journey in Saskatoon has made us a household name, trusted for our reliability, customer-centric approach, and dedication to excellence.

Our Services

Automotive Glass Repair and Replacement

At True Blue Glass, we specialize in Saskatoon autoglass repair and replacement, treating every vehicle with the care it deserves. Our technicians are experts in restoring your car's windshield and windows to their original glory, using only the highest quality OEM parts. We understand the importance of your vehicle's integrity, which is why we offer quick and efficient service to get you back on the road safely.

Custom Glass Solutions

Our expertise isn't limited to vehicles; we also provide custom glass solutions for your home. From luxurious glass shower enclosures to bespoke glass railings and mirrors, our team brings your vision to life with precision and style. Each project is a reflection of our passion for transforming spaces with unique glass elements that blend functionality with modern aesthetics.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing True Blue Glass means opting for a partner who values your satisfaction above all. Our accolades in customer service excellence are evident from the countless positive reviews from our customers in Saskatoon. They commend our prompt response, transparent communication, and the unrivaled craftsmanship that defines our work. As an SGI Accredited facility, we uphold the highest standards in auto glass repair and replacement, ensuring every job meets meticulous quality control measures.

Exceptional Quality and Service

Our commitment to quality and service excellence sets us apart. We not only provide superior Saskatoon autoglass services but also ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish. Our team's professionalism, coupled with our competitive pricing, makes us the preferred choice for Saskatoon's autoglass needs.

Customer Experiences

At True Blue Glass, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients. Our customers often express their appreciation for our detailed explanations of the repair process, which empowers them to make informed decisions. Their loyalty is a testament to our team's dedication to not just meeting but exceeding expectations with every interaction. Whether it's a quick repair or a comprehensive replacement, our aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Unique Services

Custom Glass for Home Improvements

Our array of services goes beyond Saskatoon autoglass; we're also experts in enhancing your living spaces. Our bathroom remodeling services, custom bordered mirrors, and creative mirror solutions offer an excellent opportunity to personalize your home. These services are especially catered to those looking to add a distinctive touch to their interiors, demonstrating our versatility and innovative approach.

Convenience and Availability

Understanding the busy lives of our customers, we strive to offer convenience and accessibility. With multiple locations in Saskatoon and surrounding areas, we ensure that you can easily access our services. Our operating hours are designed to accommodate various schedules, making it simple to get the service you need when you need it. Our commitment to providing top-tier Saskatoon autoglass services is unwavering, and we invite you to experience the difference for yourself.

Contact Us

For those in need of Saskatoon autoglass services or seeking to explore our wide range of custom glass solutions, True Blue Glass is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your needs, request a quote, or schedule a service. Our team is eager to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and ensure your utmost satisfaction.

  • Automotive glass repair and replacement
  • Custom glass solutions for homes
  • SGI Accredited windshield specialists
  • Exceptional customer service and craftsmanship
  • Convenient locations and hours in Saskatoon

At True Blue Glass, we're more than just a Saskatoon autoglass service provider; we're your trusted partner in ensuring the safety, functionality, and beauty of your vehicle and home glass. Let us bring our expertise and passion for glass to your next project.

Unique Services

Why is OEM glass important for my vehicle?

Using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass for replacements is crucial because it guarantees the glass fits perfectly and maintains the vehicle's structural integrity and safety features. Think of it as getting a spare part that's made exactly for your car model--like a key to a lock. OEM glass is designed to meet the stringent quality and safety standards set by your vehicle's manufacturer. This ensures that your windshield or window operates just as it was designed to in case of an accident, providing the correct level of durability, visibility, and support to airbag deployment systems. Plus, using OEM glass helps to preserve your vehicle's resale value and maintains its original look. So, while it might be tempting to go for a cheaper aftermarket option, remember that choosing OEM glass is an investment in your safety and your vehicle's longevity.

What are the benefits of custom glass solutions for my home?

Custom glass solutions offer several benefits that elevate not just the aesthetics of your home, but also its functionality. Let's say you're looking at your bathroom and thinking it feels a bit dated. Installing a custom glass shower enclosure can transform it into a modern, spacious sanctuary, adding both beauty and value to your home. Besides the visual appeal, custom glass is tailored to fit your specific needs and space, meaning you can maximize every inch of your room in a way that prefabricated solutions cannot. Moreover, it allows natural light to spread more freely, making spaces feel brighter and more open. Custom glass is not just about looks; it's about crafting an environment that reflects your personal style while enhancing the way you live.

How do I choose the right autoglass service provider?

Choosing the right autoglass service provider is essential to ensure your vehicle is in good hands. Firstly, look for providers with a strong reputation in your community--positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations are golden. Accreditation is another key factor; for instance, being SGI Accredited, like True Blue Glass, signifies that a provider meets specific quality standards. Don't hesitate to ask about the types of glass used; insist on OEM for the best fit and durability. Lastly, evaluate their customer service and transparency. A trustworthy provider will explain the repair or replacement process in detail, helping you make informed decisions without pushing unnecessary services. Remember, the right provider not only offers quality repairs but also values your satisfaction and safety above all.

How does windshield replacement impact my vehicle's safety?

Many might not realize this, but the windshield is a key component of a vehicle's safety system. It does much more than keep wind and rain at bay; it actually plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the cabin in the event of a rollover and aids in proper airbag deployment. When a windshield is replaced improperly, using substandard materials or incorrect installation techniques, it compromises these safety features. That's why it's vital to ensure the technicians handling your windshield replacement are highly skilled and use only OEM glass designed for your specific make and model. This ensures that the windshield can properly support the vehicle's roof, help keep passengers inside the cabin during an accident, and allow airbags to deploy as intended, keeping everyone in the vehicle as safe as possible.

How can custom glass enhance my living space?

Custom glass is like a magic wand for your living space; it can transform and elevate the aesthetics of your home in ways you might not have imagined. For example, custom bordered mirrors can add depth and dimension to a room, making small spaces appear larger and more inviting. Custom glass railings on a staircase or balcony open up the area, creating a sleek, modern look while ensuring safety. And let's not forget about the natural light and views that glass allows to penetrate and fill your home, bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor living. Utilizing custom glass in your living spaces allows you to put a personal stamp on your home, turning ordinary areas into focal points of beauty and creativity. It's not just about filling a space; it's about creating an environment that reflects your personality and enhances your quality of life.

How do I decide between repair and replacement for my autoglass?

Deciding between repair and replacement comes down to a few key factors: the size, location, and severity of the damage. Small chips or cracks, typically the size of a dollar coin, can often be repaired, especially if they are not directly in the driver's line of sight. However, larger cracks or those that penetrate both layers of the glass, as well as damage located near the edges of the windshield, usually require replacement due to the risk of compromising the windshield's structural integrity. Another consideration is the age of the damage; over time, dirt can accumulate in cracks, making them harder to repair effectively. We always assess the damage carefully and recommend the best course of action, prioritizing your safety and the longevity of the repair or replacement. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, and we're here to guide you through the decision process with transparency and expertise.


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