Prince Albert Shower Door

Prince Albert Shower Door

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Call on Prince Albert shower door pros from True Blue Glass for fresh ideas and insight into your bathroom upgrade. We install beautiful frameless shower doors that are easy to maintain and add value to your home improvement project. You'll find more information about shower door installation by our experts when you browse our website.

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Remodeling the bathroom is common for most home renovation projects. Consider working with a company that understands how to create an aesthetic appeal with new resources at the best affordable packages. Do not extend the service of shower curtains because they are more hazardous and problematic than a Prince Albert shower door.

Reasons to hire glass shower door specialists


Prince Albert glass doors give you many worry-free years of service. They require minimal maintenance and do not have the problems of other typical materials. Unlike curtains or other door materials, glass doors will not develop mold or soiling that is impossible to clean. These doors are easy to maintain because you can wash them with soapy water to revive their appeal.


A bathroom is an intimate part of the home. It is the focal point of the home’s most comfortable spot and makes a significant impact in setting the comfort level of the house. A glass door adds to the open space of the home and adds to the home equity while maintaining high functionality. Treat yourself to a home-spa by replacing the rickety door with an affordable frameless shower door.


A shower curtain is a dangerous bathroom addition because it exposes one to a risk of slipping and falling. The new glass shower door or enclosure is easy and smooth to swing while accessing the bathroom. It also keeps the water inside the bathroom and lessens the possibility of an accident.


A dated or broken shower does not give your home a spruced look. Installing home glass repairs and doors in all your bathrooms is an easy way of making a small benefit from the sale.

What to consider before hiring our service


There are hundreds of shower door options available in the market. Factor in time to plan the particulars of your bathroom so the installation specialist can the most preferred version. The most important details are the style and shape you want for the door.


Our technician will measure the size of the door and give a quote of all available options. Consider different customization techniques such as the finishing, door handle, pulls, hinges, and the opening motion.

Consider variations in the pattern, color, texture, and other decorative details. Discuss the options early in the hiring process because some may increase the price of the door.


Confirm whether the installation firm is aware of the state’s laws so that you can maintain proper function and elegance – the law requires installation of a safety-glazing product no matter the door’s specifics. Tempered glass will shatter into small pieces when it breaks, while annealed glass will break into sharp jagged pieces. Laminated clear-view glass is another preferred option because it will stay intact after breakage.

A company that outsources its products may take longer to complete the glass door repair and replacement. We have enough stock of all the fundamental tools and a team of professionals that can handle multiple jobs simultaneously. Contact us to schedule a time that fits with your schedule and enjoy the new bathroom addition in the shortest duration possible.


New and remodelled bathrooms at an affordable price!
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We offer competitively priced bathroom modelling and remodels. True Blue Glass is the leading housing glass expert for the Municipality of Saskatoon, surrounding and rural areas.


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