Prince Albert frameless Shower

Prince Albert frameless Shower

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Install a Prince Albert frameless shower enclosure in your home that is easy to clean and will keep water in the shower where it belongs. True Blue Glass has the perfect shower door for any size shower stall. Give us a call if you have questions about our products & services or connect with us through our contact form.

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Frameless shower doors have become the epitome of a modern home. More people opt for shower enclosures to increase the aesthetic value and soon realize that they will get more than just good looks. The spacious feel of an open bathroom makes the room bright and crisp. A wide range of Prince Albert frameless shower enclosures creates the exact feeling you need for a relaxing and exotic temperament.

The light, the airy feeling is usually only possible when you know how to maintain the appeal. This case means you should filter through the lies surrounding ownership and maintenance of glass doors to get the most accurate truth. Do not believe every naysayer because they will mislead you from the simple and easy maintenance of shower doors.

Debunking myths about glass shower doors

Difficult to clean

One of the most common myths about Prince Albert frameless shower doors is that they are tough to clean. The truth is that they can quickly become dirty due to soap scum or greasy hands. Luckily, the myth is far from the fact that glass is straightforward to clean. Plenty of products can slough off the worst kind of dirt on the glass, without causing damage. Doors with protective coatings keep off water stains and epoxy makes it easy to keep it clean for long durations.

They break easily

This myth is a fear with a base in fiction. People imagine that they will cause a dangerous mess when they fall and lean against the shower door.

Frameless glass doors have a robust structure, which will not shatter due to minor accidents. We use the right parts and follow the best installation method to ensure durability that will outlast all common bathroom mishaps. You can also use a specific type of glass from True Blue Glass so that a shatter will not leave sharp, dangerous pieces on your bathroom floor.

They are expensive

Glass shower doors have competitive prices for all modern models. The final cost of the door depends on your style, method of installation, brand, installation technician, and the number of doors. Choose an installation company with median or above-average prices because the results will always match the pricing.

They allow water leaks

Most people do not understand the operation mechanism of a frameless glass door. They believe that the door will have spaces between the panes, hence allow water to seep into the outside.

A poor installation is likely to be the most common cause of leaks, alongside poor quality doors with improperly engineered handles and hinges. The right Prince Albert frameless shower doors also have a buttress, shower dam, straight wall, and other supportive elements to stop leaks.

The showerhead’s position is unimportant

The location of the showerhead affects the waterproofing capability of some constructions. It is best to place the showerhead on the inner panel if you want are installing sliding or rolling doors. A swinging or dashboard door works best with hinges that are on the opposite wall of the showerhead.

Contact us for the most sophisticated analysis of your glass door installation and construction that will last as long as your home.


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