Prince Albert Custom Shower

Prince Albert Custom Shower

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Speak with our Prince Albert custom shower designers from true Blue Glass when you're ready to upgrade your bathroom. We have many different products to add lasting value to your bath renovation, including frameless shower doors that are very easy to maintain. Click the 'Services' link and select Glass Shower Enclosure for details.

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Choosing the right shower door is not the most straightforward process for a newbie who does not understand the metrics of the best enclosure. Some stores specialize in a specific style and cut, while others have an umbrella of choices. You can also opt for Prince Albert custom shower doors if you want an unbeatable quality from the best company. Our store is keen on offering the best service and clear-view glass so that the customers have a well-rounded satisfactory shopping experience.

Five reasons to choose our Prince Albert glass shower doors

Friendly customer service

It helps to have supportive, helpful staff when shopping for your home. We will handle the most complicated questions and pay the same attention to simplistic concerns you may be afraid to raise. Our sales personnel and cares about your decision-making and will walk you through the intricacies of all doors and glass door repair and replacement.


The last thing you should do is consider a store that does not offer an array of Prince Albert custom shower doors. You need a store that stocks different feels, colors, designs, and the number of doors.

You should also find a store that keeps a fresh inventory of all its products. This setting means you will always find a shower door that is recent and has the best operation mechanism. The latest interior designs will also keep your home’s value at an optimum state for longer, hence grant you a good resale quote.


The Prince Albert custom shower door should be both beautiful and durable. Therefore, they should have the best thickness, firm handles, permanent decorations, and high-quality glass. Stick with our store if you want shower doors from respectable manufacturers.


Do not go more than 300 miles outside of your area to find a glass shower door or enclosure. You will require a reputable transportation option and professional packaging. Damage of the door could spell utter doom if the firm does not have an insurance plan.

True Blue Glass serves customers from several locations, with a majority from the local area and its environs. We will save you time and money you would otherwise spend working with a distant alternative. Moreso, our store handles transportation, so you do not risk breaking or scratching the glass.


It can help to find a shop with the best prices when you want to buy more than one shower door. You may also not wish to spend too much to stay within the original budget. Each store has a price range that suits a specific group of customers. We stock a wide array of shower doors and guarantee that everyone will find a unit to match their budget.

Shopping for multiple bathrooms of a big house is a tall order for the average homeowner. We understand the strain it places on your income and has a zero percent financing option for all customers. Talk to us for an accurate quote of the entire project, the specific financing option to match your lifestyle, and immediate home glass repairs and doors.


New and remodelled bathrooms at an affordable price!
Call 306-281-4744 to speak with our renovation expert.

We offer competitively priced bathroom modelling and remodels. True Blue Glass is the leading housing glass expert for the Municipality of Saskatoon, surrounding and rural areas.


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