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Frameless Glass Saskatoon

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Nobody beats True Blue Glass when it comes to installing frameless glass in Saskatoon. If you're upgrading a bathroom and are looking for an affordable way to make improvements, a frameless glass shower door makes a terrific impression. Request an estimate when you contact our specialists form True Blue Glass.

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Most bathroom remodeling projects intend to make it larger or create a feeling of comfort. Nothing brings the effect better than installing a frameless shower glass door. Installing the door is not a complicated process, but tends to be labor-intensive. Nonetheless, it will not cost you a lot of money because the process is simple for a professional with extensive experience.

Why are frameless shower doors pricier?

Frameless glass windows and doors do not have the standard support of a framed shower door. This setup means it will cost more to install because the glass should maintain a structural strength that supports the entire door. These Saskatoon shower doors often have specialized hardware that requires accurate alignment to swing open without losing firmness. Our installation process ensures that the door maintains elegance while offering the best steady support.

What determines the cost of replacing a shower door?

Certain conditions define the eventual price of repairing or replacing the existing shower door. Some include:

  • The design and size of the shower
  • Quality and thickness of the specialty glass
  • Possible damage on the door’s frame

Unique situations can raise or lower the price of the frameless door. The installation will take less time when the bathroom is on the ground floor. A custom shower door will cost more because the glass repair and replace specialist will spend more time fitting its unique design – anything outside the standard square or rectangular door will cost more than the average.

What is the price or repairing a frameless glass in Saskatoon?

The cost of repairing the door is between $80 and $600. Most homeowners pay an approximate median price of $260 when the doors do not have severe damage. The final price will increase when you have to buy additional spare parts or another door.

  • A quality frameless door costs between $700 and $1200
  • A 2100mm by 900mm shower panel with aluminum channels costs about $400
  • Two frameless shower screens cost about $410
  • Three frameless shower screens cost about $700 and a little more on the installation fee

Common repair problems that increase the price of the repair

Faulty seals

Leaking shower doors usually have difficulties with gasket seals around the door edges, panels, and tracks. Unattended leaks allow water entry into the drywall and other building parts. These jobs will cost more because the technician may assess the extent of the damage and find extra resources to stop the spread.

Glass condition

The Saskatoon glass has a long life and usually a stable structure. It may, however, get chips and scratches that make it lose its elegance. Most homeowners may opt to hire someone to buff out the surface instead of finding a technician to assess the state.

Our professionals use reliable tools to find defects throughout the entire glass. These processes may include handling hazardous chemicals and powerful tools to grind the materials. This labor will cost more than a simple buffing process because it will give the door better and long-lasting results.

It is best to hire a True Blue Glass technician who can fix both simple and complicated issues. We will help you maintain the door’s value for a more extended period and give your home an exquisite and comfortable appeal.


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